As a postgraduate researcher at the University of St Andrews, I have the opportunity to tutor small groups of undergraduate students. Below, I include details of those modules which I have tutored.

The modules


MT1002 is a broad introductory module which ensures that all first-year students have the skills to study subsequent mathematics modules.

Tutoring a group for MT1002 involves leading a 1 hour class each week, and marking the weekly homework.


MT2505 is an introductory but rigorous module in abstract algebra, with a particular focus on group theory.

Being a tutor for each MT2505 group involves tutoring a class for 1 hour per fortnight, and marking and assessing the fortnightly homework.


MT3505 is an honours-level course in abstract algebra, which focuses on ring theory.

Being a tutor for MT3505 involves tutoring the whole class for 1 hour per week, and providing feedback on homework submissions.