MT4614 Design of Experiments

Course Information

This page will be updated when there is more certainty about the timetabling and delivery for Semester 2 in 2022.

LectureMonday, 0900–1000online 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11
LectureWednesday, 0900–1000online 1–11
LectureFriday, 0900–1000online 1– 11
TutorialFriday, 1500–1600online 1– 11

Description, Syllabus and Intended Learning Outcomes

A more detailed course description and syllabus than the information in the course catalogue is available here. This also shows a list of intended learning outcomes.

Lecture Notes, Slides and Videos

Lecture 125 January 2021 L1 slides L1 lecture
Lecture 227 January 2021 L2 slides L2 lecture
Lecture 329 January 2021 L3 slides L3 lecture
Lecture 43 February 2021 L4 slides L4 lecture
Lecture 55 February 2021 L5 slides L5 lecture
Lecture 68 February 2021 L6 slides L6 lecture
Lecture 710 February 2021 L7 slides L7 lecture
Lecture 812 February 2021 L8 slides L8 lecture
Lecture 917 February 2021 L9 slides L9 lecture
Lecture 1019 February 2021 L10 slides L10 lecture
Lecture 1122 February 2021 L11 slides L11 lecture
Lecture 1224 February 2021 L12 slides L12 lecture
Lecture 1326 February 2021 L13 slides L13 lecture
Lecture 143 March 2021 L14 slides L14 lecture
Lecture 155 March 2021 L15 slides L15 lecture
Lecture 168 March 2021 L16 slides L16 lecture
Lecture 1710 March 2021 L17 slides L17 lecture
Lecture 1812 March 2021 L18 slides L18 lecture
Lecture 1917 March 2021 L19 slides L19 lecture
Lecture 2019 March 2021 L20 slides L20 lecture
Lecture 215 April 2021 L21 slides L21 lecture
Lecture 227 April 2021 L22 slides L22 lecture
Lecture 239 April 2021 L23 slides L23 lecture
Lecture 2414 April 2021 L24 notes L24 lecture
Lecture 2516 April 2021 L25 notes L25 lecture
Lecture 2619 April 2021 L26 notes L26 lecture

Please note that the transcripts are written by a robot, and are rather unreliable.

The material covered in lectures is similar to that in parts of my book Design of Comparative Experiments (Cambridge University Press, 2008). After each week, the relevant sections will be listed here.

Basics of random variables

These notes revise some material that we need to use from Week 2 onwards.


Exam material and revision

Problem sheets

Unassessed coursework, for discussion in tutorials, will be posted here.

If you want, you may also send me your answers to any questions by the deadline specified. I will do my best to comment on your answers. Specimen solutions will be put on this page soon after that deadline.

Coursework to hand in

Practical worksheets

These involve using the statistical software R. It is assumed that you all have access to this.

Data files

Data files required for the practical work will be shown below.

Some real experiments

If you find any interesting experiments in the news, please tell me.

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