MT4614 Design of Experiments

Course Information

LectureMonday, 0900–1000Room 1A 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11
LectureWednesday, 0900–1000Room 1A 1–10, 11
LectureFriday, 0900–1000Room 1A 1–4 and 6–10, 11 (revision)
TutorialFriday, 1500–1600Room 3B 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11
PracticalFriday, 1400–1600Computer Classroom 4, 7, 10

Compulsory attendance

The Wednesday lectures in Week 4 and 8.

Fire exits

From Room 1A: use the door at the foot of North staircase, then assemble on the grass in front of Computer Science.

From Room 3B or the Computer Classroom: go directly down the stairs to the exit under the archway on the South side of the building, then assemble as above.

Description and Syllabus

A more detailed course description and syllabus than the information in the course catalogue is available here.

Lecture Notes

The material covered in lectures is similar to that in parts of my book Design of Comparative Experiments (Cambridge University Press, 2008). After each week, the relevant sections will be listed here.

Revision summary (thanks to Naomi Wilcox for this photo)


Problem sheets

10% of your overall marks are for presenting the answer to one question from a problem sheet in a tutorial. If you do this more than once, you will be given the score of your best answer.

Written coursework to hand in

These questions are all taken from previous problem sheets or practical worksheets. A further 10% of your overall marks are for this. This problem sheet was handed out in Week 9. The deadline for handing in your solutions is 1700h on Friday 26 April 2019.

Practical worksheets

Data files


If you want more feedback on your presentations or written work or your answers to previous exam papers, feel free to come and ask me in Room 317.

Some real experiments

If you find any interesting experiments in the news, please tell me.

Some relevant photographs




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