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Some Computations regarding Foulkes' conjecture

From this page one can download a GAP program and a C program which have been used to perform some computations regarding an old conjecture by Foulkes. The computations are described in detail in a paper by Jürgen Müller and me, see my list of publications for details.

The GAP program and the C program.


  1. Compile the C program with the following command:
    gcc -o foulkes -Wall -ansi foulkes.c
    (we recommend the GCC compiler, but other compilers should work also).
  2. Just do a Read("foulkes.g"); in GAP 4, after the calculation terminates, do a WriteThings(); to write the results in two files perms.txt and fus.txt.
  3. After that, you can start the C program by
    ./foulkes f t > result.f.t
    where "f" and "t" have to be replaced with numbers between 1 and 1857 (inclusively) with f <= t. The program then calculates the rows with numbers f to t (inclusively) and writes the results to the file result.f.t.
    In this way, the task is fully parallelizable. The resulting files are GAP-readable and all have to be read into GAP to calculate the rank.