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GAP Package recog

The homepage for this package has been moved. You can now find it at . Please refer to that page for information and download of the current and older releases.

This is joint work with Ákos Seress.

This GAP package provides an implementation of methods to do group recognition using composition trees as specified in the recogbase package. This package was started and mostly developped by Max Neunhöffer and Ákos Seress, but many other people have contributed code. Everybody who contributes at least one line of code automatically becomes an author.

The current list of authors is: Nurullah Ankaralioglu, Peter Brooksbank, Frank Celler, Stephen Howe, Maska Law, Steve Linton, Gunter Malle, Max Neunhöffer, Alice Niemeyer, Eamonn O'Brien, Colva M. Roney-Dougal and Ákos Seress. If you want or are able to contribute, please do!

This package is still work in progress, in particular special code for particular leaf nodes and verification using presentations is still largely missing. However, it already provides working Monte Carlo algorithms.